Thursday, 13 October 2011


I feel bad. This has been the longest gap between posts I think I've ever had. But a rush of work, combined with a re-think on the bloggy front, have contributed to a large pause in the conversation.
But silence is good, right? It's actually 'golden' according to Frankie Valli and The Four Seasons. And putting a stop to the external and internal chatter that fills our every waking moment is the only way to really engage with our true selves. Or so I read, anyway.
So, perhaps this quiet spell has been a good thing. A blessing. A gift from me to you. Hell, what's to feel bad about? Let's celebrate! But keep the noise down...


  1. So you are recoiling from the excesses of internet chat and the noise that is only there to fill silence? Good idea. I expect you know "A Book of Silence," by Sarah Maitland? Haven't read it yet, looks good, and...ooops, I'm chattering!

    Midnfulness meditation = internal quiet = calm throughout the system (though not necessrily 100%, because unless you're really good at it, you can find that...oooops, there I go again again....)

  2. Welcome words, GM, welcome words. I've had A Book Of Silence on my Amazon Wish List for months. Perhaps now would be a good time to 'add to basket'...