Monday, 6 December 2010

Comfort and joy

I put the Christmas decorations up this weekend. A mixture of shop-bought favourites and some home-made additions, including a bowl of pine cones picked during a holiday in the Scottish Highlands earlier this year, and some green felt Christmas trees for the fireplace. Now, I am under no illusions that I have any great talent for crafts (for that you need to visit one of my lovely followers Ric-Rac, but I love the peace of mind and sense of satisfaction that comes with making things. Whether it's sewing, knitting, baking, or some other 'home-made' activity, I find myself entering a calm, creative, blissful state. My mind is occupied, my hands are engaged, and, as I immerse myself in the pattern or recipe, I feel (dare I say it) quite serene!
So as I sank into the sofa yesterday evening, surveying my handiwork, the warm glow of the Christmas tree lights matched the warm (slightly self-satisfied) glow I felt inside. Oh tidings of comfort and joy, indeed...

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